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Sunroom’s Tenant Screening Tool: How It Works

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Screening tenants is now super-simple for property managers, thanks to the launch of Sunroom’s tenant screening solution. All you have to do is submit the property address, renter application criteria, and generate your application link. Once applications are complete, you can review and approve your new tenants. 

Get started in less than 30 seconds

Start by entering the address of the property you are leasing. Then, set the criteria you will accept for that property. Below are the renter criteria options you can choose from:

  • Minimum credit score
  • Minimum income-to-rent ratio (standard is 3x)
  • Pet policy (including restricted breeds, weight, etc)
  • Accept or decline guarantors
  • Accept or decline past felonies, bankruptcies, evictions
  • Section 8 options

Applicants will only be sent for approval when they meet all of your criteria. Applicants will be reminded along the way to continue the application process until it is complete. You will have the ability to adjust criteria anytime you need.

Generate an application link

Once you have entered all of your criteria, the app will generate an application link. You can send this link out to anyone who wants to apply. You can also include it on your lease listing.

Sunroom screens applicants according to your custom criteria

Once you start receiving applications, Sunroom gets to work evaluating each applicant. Identity is verified using advanced facial recognition technology. This will also ensure the connected bank accounts and background information are for the correct person. Income will be verified instantly and you will shortly receive the credit, background, and eviction history. Sunroom's in-house screening experts take it a step further and call previous landlords to verify rental history and find out things you won't find in a simple background check. Once every step has been verified, you will receive a robust report on each applicant that you can download into a single file.

What is the process like for renter applicants?

Renters are guided through a simple series of questions to determine if they meet the pre-qualification criteria. If they do, they move on to the full application, where they complete a full identity verification, connect their bank account to automatically verify income, and provide details for pets, credit, background, and rental history check. Renters can do all of this from their phone, and can easily track their application progress. 

Easily keep track of multiple tenant households

The first rental applicant will be able to invite any roommates to the application process. Once all roommates start the application, they will be able to view each other’s progress and keep each other moving along. Sunroom will send automated reminders to each applicant to continue the process if they have not completed their application. 

Approve renter applications with a single click

Once applications are processed and ready for your review, you will receive a notification in your portal. You will be able to view all of the applications with a high level overview of how tenants met all of your criteria. For a more in-depth report with the income data, credit, background, and rental history, you will be able to download it all with one click, into a single folder. 

What if I want to approve applicants that don’t meet all the requirements?

You can approve a tenant at any point during the screening process. If they don’t meet all of your requirements but still seem like good tenants, you can still approve them. You also can add contingencies, such as a higher security deposit, or by requiring a guarantor. 

Denying applicants is simple and straightforward

Once you have selected the household you want to approve, the Sunroom screening app will notify all other households that another applicant was selected. For applicants who do not meet requirements based on information found in their credit or background report, Sunroom will send a rejection notice in accordance with Fair Housing Laws.

Get started with Sunroom Leasing’s tenant screening tool today!

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