The easiest rental experience.

Renting is simple with our tech-driven, mobile-first application and responsive support team.

Sunroom attracts the best renters.

Hundreds of thousands of renters have signed up to use sunroom because it's simply a better consumer experience.
Better property Advertising
AI to match renters with the right homes
More data on the home features
Self-touring done better
Instant SMS Support
Unique booking and application flow

How it works

Search & Tour

See the right homes, tour any time.

When renters start their search, they will see their matches, based on their unique qualifying criteria. Renters can filter to see what works for their credit score, income, move in date, pet details and more. Renters  book on-demand self-guided tours.
Apply & Book

Total transparency and ease of use.

Renters will know ahead of time if they qualify for the property and how many other renters have applied. Renters can see which roomates have finished their application and are continuously nudged.

The application process is faster because renters can click a few buttons to connect their payroll and banking data for verifications. Renters secure the home after being approved through our checkout flow where they pay security deposits and fees.
Move In

Peace of mind and real-time notifications.

Once renters are approved, the entire lease signing process is digital. Our move in tracker is displayed inside the app so they can see each step in the flow, which leads to less back and fourth questions and a smoother move in process.

Live support team

Learn more
A team of trained humans with the fastest response times around!
• Available daily from sun up to sun down 
• SMS & Phone call support 
• Helpful staff — feels like texting a friend
• English and Spanish 

Renter Quotes

Don't just take our word for it!
"They helped me find a place within days and the process was super easy and straightforward. The staff was very friendly and attentive!"
Erika M.
"My wife and I used Sunroom Rentals to find a place in South Austin. Everything from communication to lease preparation was excellent! We toured multiple homes throughout a month of looking and each time was great."
Tim B.
"Sunroom Rentals is an amazing app.  You have the freedom to look through listings and select ones that you would like to tour. Sunroom has a great product, great people, and gave me a great outcome in finding a place to live! Highly recommend."
Antonio L.
"I can’t recommend Sunroom enough! Easiest rental experience of my life. I was able to tour the property on my own time by a location based lock that unlocked itself which was so convenient. All my questions about the property were answered promptly through text, which was also very convenient. I applied and was approved in 24 hours!"
Danny S.
"My experience with sunroom was great. They were very easy to communicate with and made the entire process very easy, fast, and efficient. Would use them again in the future and would recommend to friends/family/ anyone who is looking for an apt or home. Everyone was professional and friendly!"
Josie A.
"Finding a rental home is like finding a needle in a haystack... Sunroom is great at sorting through all your options, without having to contact each individual landlord. The process is so much smoother with Sunroom. Being able to see multiple houses on a tour makes better use of your time, and the application process is a breeze. I highly recommend using this service!For the record, we saw 10-15 houses through Sunroom, applied to three, and finally found the perfect house for our little family. Thank you, Sunroom!"
Brittany B.

Leasing with Sunroom

A great renter experience leads to happier long-term tenants.

Why do renters need self-service leasing?

Let’s face it, the likes of Uber and Favor have spoiled us all. Renters live in an “instant gratification” world. Since the majority of renters are Millennials and Generation Z (technology natives), Sunroom is betting that renters would prefer to lease through a single app that makes finding home more like shopping on Amazon.
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