Screen Renters 
with Tech + Humans.

Peace of mind for your team

Screen tenants faster, eliminate fraud, and save money on costly evictions.

The standard tenant screening process is unreliable and costly.

Problems with your screening:
Fake income
No rental guarantee
Waste time going back & forth with renters
Hard to get ahold of landlord

Make your applications 99.997% fraud-proof.

We’ve reinvented the screening process to detect fraud 
10X faster and more accurately than ever before.
How we catch fraud:
Human verifies residency & employment
ID Verification with Selfie AI comparison
‘Direct from bank’ income proof
National eviction & criminal database
Credit & background check

Nothing gets past our team of leasing experts

Verify tenant data with a real team of professionals. Tech alone can’t find it all. Did the tenant keep their place clean? Does the previous landlord think they were reliable tenants?

The renter’s first impression of your company is critical

When the experience is seamless, your applicants are more likely to be great tenants.

Happy renters are 3X more likely to renew

Start the relationship with your renters on a strong foot. 
Data shows you’ll have less disgruntled renters, leading to less maintenance requests and renewal problems.

We nudge roommates to finish applying

Sunroom knows how to get groups of renters all completing their applications. With our mobile app, renters are notified when their roommates finish each step. This keeps everyone motivated to finish quickly.

Get a lease signed 26% faster than the market average.

No more pulling teeth to get applications completed. Renters move through the entire process with ease allowing you to pick a winning tenant faster.

Less tools, more automation

Automate the time-consuming and error-prone task of manual document collection and verification.

Less work for your Property Managers

Proper screening is not just with tech, it’s with humans too. That’s why Sunroom manually verifies all renter documents to make sure your Property Managers aren’t having to ask for any additional renter info. They can just click approve!

Prequalification filters out the noise

Prequalifying renters saves you time by keeping you from having to review non-qualified applicants.

Guarantee rent to your investors

Opt into a program that covers rent delinquency and eviction costs for your real estate investors.
Learn how rent guarantee works

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