Sunlock Self-Showing Tour System

For any vacant property that you lease with Sunroom, you have the option to allow self tours.  Allowing self tours helps renters tour the property when it's most convenient -  which is often evenings and weekends.

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Our Self Showing Lock System is free for partners using Sunroom.

Improving the experience for renters

⬆️ 25%
Increase Property Tours
⬆️ 75%
Improved days on market
⬆️ 5%
Increase to rents

What are the safety and security precautions taken with Sunlocks?

Restricted access times: The property can only be toured 8 am to 8 pm daily.

Auto locks and timestamps:
The Sunlock auto locks every 30 seconds. Every access is time-stamped and Sunroom closely monitors open/close activity.

Renter identity: 
Renters validate their phone number through a text authentication system and upload a photo of their ID. Renters must complete liability questions before entering the property. Additionally, we verify that renters are at the property before unlocking the door.

What's the hardware in a Sunlock?

We use Kwikset smart-electronic locks. The wifi-enabled device placed in the home enables the locks to connect directly to the Sunroom server and database.
Keyless Entry
Installed at home
Wi-Fi Enabled
App Driven
Codes and Keys
Trackable Tours

Who Installs the Sunlock?

Sunroom's team will handle installing the lock system. We'll put the lock on when we're bring the property on market and then will take lock off once the property has been leased.