Technology to stay ahead

Sunroom is innovating in leasing revenue management. Outside of perfecting the lease, we're building targeted tools to do more and go further.
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Build a waitlist of renters. Get homes leased before they are vacant.


Offer targeted incentives to renters to drive lease conversions


Manage the entire leasing lifecycle and increase the occupancy rate.


Feature Coming Soon Homes

Zero vacancy = happy property owners

• Send Sunroom to capture a “curb shot” photo of the property before the home is made-ready.
• Build a waitlist with the homes being featured on the Sunroom search feed.
• Renter leads are kept warm and can apply for the home before it's ready to tour.
• Keep in lock-step with your construction and make the ready team to deliver homes on time.
• Coordinate final tour before the lease sign.
Why can't I do pre-leasing as well as Sunroom?
Sunroom has a captive renter audience we can target based on their move in datess.


Run promotion without dropping rents

Incentive renters to move faster, without dropping rents.

• Run a targeted campaign to renters.
• Send push notifications, SMS and emails.
• Set up a marketing banner on the listings.
• Communicate the details of the promotion and adjust the balances and fees to be collected.
Why can't I do concessions as well as Sunroom?
Sunroom's app, unlike Zillow, does not give the ability to set up a campaign. Using Zillow, you'd need to put it in your marketing description or photoshop the featured images.


Proactively lease homes

The entire process including renter communications, lease drafting and process management is handled.

• Run an updated CMA to determine next steps.
• Keeps track of all expiring leases.
• Present renters multiple offers, based on lease length.
• Handled communication with all of the roommates.
• Lease drafting and signature collections.
• For non-renewals, handle pre-leasing or going to markets.
Why can't I do renewals as well as Sunroom?
Sunroom taps into its rent setting engine to give accurate rent rates.

Tech to stay ahead

Sunroom is building the latest tech aimed at leasing homes faster and minimizing property vacacny.