Is your build-to-rent community too small for
on-site leasing teams?

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We're perfect for your small to mid-sized communities

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Communities with too few of homes, or communities built in stages can't justify the cost of on-site leasing teams. Sunroom gives you all the benefits of these teams without the added costs or management headaches.

Build-to-Rent Operator's
Dream Product.

Build to Rent - Product Package

Showcase the best of your B2R community to renters

Renters will learn all that your communities offer. We are experts at consumer product and marketing. We'll make sure every amenity and benefit of your community shines through!
Community profiles customized for success
Self-guided tours of units and amenities
Professional photos, staging, and hero shots
Custom fees explained to prospective tenants
Lease cover letters explain fees and HOA
Non-traditional marketing packages
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Great leasing starts with knowing your numbers.

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Measure & optimize performance with Sunroom:
Transparency into SLAs and reporting
Proprietary rent-setting system
Real time activity and feedback

Currently Operating in 12 States

"Boots on the ground" across the Sun Belt.

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Acquisition Pricing Intel
CMA Pricing Analysis by Local Experts
Problem Listing Playbook
Real-time Portfolio Leasing Analytics
Live Renter Support 86hrs/week
Transparent SLA Reporting
Property Condition Reports
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Great for renters

Renter NPS with Sunroom is 64.
Avg Renter NPS with others is 5.

No app install required, all done on mobile or desktop web.

Mobile-first design
Real-Time Lease Tracking

Partner With Innovators.

Sunroom has raised over $15M in venture capital from some of the best investors in the world. We're backed by leading investors that are behind SpaceX, Tesla, PayPal & more.

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