Programmatic Rent Setting Algorithms

Advanced tools for the best asset managers in the world. Maximize the achieved rent and beat you underwriting assumptions.

Better Rental Pricing Models

When generating our CMA reports, we tap into the MLS, Zillow off market data and Institutional ownership leasing activity so we provide better initial underwriting suggestions.

Programatic price adjustments

Run pricing tests and programatic, rule based price drop sequences. Receive reporting that highlights the strategies that are working best.

Know what institutional investors are doing

Compare your pricing comps and performance to Amherst, Invitation, Progress or Mom & Pop investors.

Historical insights

See how neighborhoods, zip codes, markets have been performing over time. Tap into the leading news and market shifts to stay ahead of the curve.

Market absorption competition analysis

Better understand how many homes are competing for the attention of renters. See how this impacts your expected days on market.

Easy to share reports.

We give pricing commentary and help you parse through all the data to know how it fits together and what to do about it. Simple yet insightful reports can be shared with property owners and asset managers.