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We aim to strike the perfect balance between automation and human touch, leveraging the capabilities of ChatGPT to streamline and enhance the leasing experience while still providing the personalized attention and support that our clients and renters value.

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Powerful AI that instantly responds to questions and books tours 10X faster while maintaining a human touch

Improving the experience for renters

⬆️ 127%
Lead-to-tour rate
⬆️ 54%
Faster time response times
⬆️ 25%
Increase in renter satisfaction

Embrace the
Future of Leasing

Experience how our ChatGPT technology transforms the tour conversion process, maximizing the potential for renters to find their ideal homes and helping property owners secure qualified applications efficiently.
Personalized Assistance
Proactive Support
Real-time & 24/7
Human Support
as well
Instantaneous Information
Call and text

Handles any question.

Our language model has been optimized with data from listings, internal wiki policies and has been trained on the most successful conversion tactics. A few examples the AI handles: 
Explain pet policies
Give context to the home and neighborhood
Answer amenity questions
Support English, Spanish, more
Discuss qualification policies
Capture intent and overcome objections

Benfits of Industry-Leading AI

✓ Guarantees a 24/7 rapid response to inquiries
✓ Creates a more complete and accurate data set
✓ Impresses prospects with unique, helpful answers

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