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How It Works: The Renter Experience

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March 23, 2022

Let’s face it, the likes of Uber and Favor have spoiled us all. Renters live in an “instant gratification” world. Since the majority of renters are Millennials and Generation Z (technology natives), Sunroom is betting that renters would prefer to lease through a single app that allows them to tour, apply and lease a unit entirely online.

Turns out that bet is paying off. In fact, 150,000+ renters have an account on our free app, and hundreds of renters are touring with us monthly. This is also expressed in our renter net promoter score, which clocked in at a 67 for renters who signed a lease through us. To put that into perspective, Apple’s NPS is only a 47, and who doesn’t love their iPhone?

Why do renters love using Sunroom?

  • Mobile first experience. Free app, check!
  •  Communication primarily over SMS, instead of calls.
  • Knowing if anyone else has applied yet.
  • Self-showings on select properties.
  • Seeing ahead of time if they’re qualified to rent the property.
  • Streamlined online flow to apply, pay deposits and sign.

“I can’t recommend Sunroom enough! Easiest rental experience of my life. I was able to tour the property on my own time by a location based lock that unlocked itself which was so convenient. All my questions about the property were answered promptly through text, which was also very convenient. I applied and was approved in 24 hours! Sunroom made a very unexpected move as pleasant and easy as possible!”


“Moving can be tedious and at some times confusing. Having the ability to plug in your info and getting a narrowed version of applicable options is wonderful. The staff was very responsive, patient, and helpful. When it comes time to relocate in the future this will be my first stop!  We were even lucky enough to choose a self tour property which was nice given that my wife and I have limited time. Being able to view the property at our convenience was the cherry on top of an already wonderful experience!”


How does it work?

Create Your Account

The first step is to download our app from the app store and create your account. All it takes is a few simple questions (name, phone number, email, move date, type of home, etc.), and you’re ready to start browsing. It’s totally free to use Sunroom, so the only fee you’ll ever have to pay is when submitting your application.

Find The Perfect Home

When filtering through our properties, you can select where you want to live, price range, home type, bed and bathroom count, and desired amenities. Totally customizable to your preferences.


With our self-tours, you can tour your favorite listings whenever and however you want (on your lunch break, after work, weekends). No appointment or agent necessary! Scroll to the bottom of this article to see feedback of self-touring.

When you’ve found the property you’d like to tour, click “see this home” at the bottom of the listing page. You will be required to verify your ID (one time only), as well as your location when you arrive at the property. Once your ID and location have been verified, click “see this home” again, our Sunlocks will unlock, and you are free to begin your tour. When you’ve finished your tour, simply close the door behind you and our Sunlock will re-lock.

During your tour, you will receive a text from our team containing an overview of the property and a direct link to apply. After your tour, our team will send you another text containing a link to give any feedback you may have. This is not required, but it gives the property manager the opportunity to review real-time feedback of their properties.

Apply & Sign Online

On the listing page, you can view the renter criteria to see if you will be approved. You can also see how many other applicants have applied. When you’re ready to submit your application, you can do so directly on the listing page or through the link we sent via text and email. Once approved, you’re ready to sign your lease, submit your security deposit, and move-in.

Download today to start your search!

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