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Why should I use Sunroom over Tenant Turner?

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Tenant Turner is a software platform that automates tenant screening and leasing processes for property managers and landlords. It offers features for marketing rental listings, scheduling property showings, and conducting tenant screenings. While some find value in its convenience and efficiency, others may be skeptical of relying on automation and prefer a more comprehensive leasing system that efficiently merges people and software. 

Here are some areas where Sunroom fills the gaps where Tenant Turner falls short:

  1. Full-Service Leasing: While Tenant Turner provides tools for tenant screening and scheduling showings, Sunroom offers a comprehensive end-to-end leasing service. Sunroom handles all aspects of leasing, including property marketing, tenant communication, lease agreement preparation, and move-in coordination, providing a hassle-free experience for property managers. Sunroom has a team working behind the scenes, so it’s truly a fully managed end-to-end system, not just another SAAS tool. 
  2. Field Operations: Unlike Tenant Turner, Sunroom has a dedicated field operations team that physically visits properties to collect data, take professional photos, install locks, and ensure the property is in optimal condition. This on-site presence ensures accurate property representation and enhances the overall leasing process.
  3. Licensed Expertise: Sunroom is a licensed real estate brokerage, providing pricing recommendations and compliance expertise. Tenant Turner lacks this licensed aspect, limiting its ability to offer comprehensive guidance on pricing strategies and legal compliance.
  4. Exceptional Customer Service: While Tenant Turner focuses primarily on automation, Sunroom prioritizes exceptional customer service. Sunroom provides personalized support, answering questions, addressing concerns, and offering ongoing assistance throughout the leasing process. Sunroom pairs partners with a dedicated account management team that does weekly or monthly meetings, getting into the details of your property portfolio. 
  5. Superior Reporting: Sunroom's technology platform is built from the ground up, with over $10 million invested in optimizing reporting. Sunroom has real-time data feeds and offers customized reporting visibility into all activities.

Property managers often find themselves using a patchwork of tools for various tasks like self-tours, property management, leasing, photography, screening, and fraud detection. However, relying on separate tools presents several challenges that property managers should consider:

  • Integration Complexity: Managing multiple tools requires integrating them with existing systems, leading to complexities and time-consuming processes.
  • Data Fragmentation: Different tools store data in separate formats, resulting in fragmented information that is difficult to consolidate.
  • Training and Onboarding: Each new tool requires time and effort to learn and adapt to, disrupting workflow and productivity.

Unlike TenantTurner, Sunroom offers a comprehensive solution as a "ONE-STOP SHOP" for leasing. Sunroom fills the gaps left by Tenant Turner by providing full-service leasing, dedicated field operations, licensed expertise, exceptional customer service, and an advanced technology platform. With Sunroom, property managers can enjoy a streamlined and comprehensive leasing experience, surpassing the capabilities of Tenant Turner.

Sunroom is your all-in-one Swiss army knife, combining the benefits of a versatile tool and a dedicated team to meet all your leasing needs.