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Sunspot Product Education

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The Sunspot is a new tool to provide valuable insights into your property's renter demand. This tool empowers you to gauge the interest your home generates over time, aiding in efficiently leasing your property.

Video Overview

Understanding the Sunspot Graph: 

The Sunspot graph plots renter leads on the y-axis, against time on the x-axis, illustrating the renter leads over time. This graph is generated after approximately one week of your property being on the market, as it accumulates sufficient data.

Determining the Ideal Sunspot Range: 

The "ideal Sunspot area" refers to the sweet spot in demand, striking the perfect balance – not too few leads nor an overwhelming number. You’ll see this in the yellow section of the graph. This area has been determined by analyzing homes similar to your subject property and using industry standards.

Identifying a Cold Listing: 

A “cold listing” has too few leads. Notice this area as the blue graph. To address this, consider adjusting the price or offering concessions to stimulate more demand for your property.

Recognizing a Hot Listing: 

Notice this area in red at the top of the graph. A “hot listing” attracts more leads than necessary. Consider increasing the requested rent. 

Understanding the Percentages:

Each listing includes a percentage indicating how it compares to the ideal Sunspot. See the percentages under the Sunspot column: 

  • 100%: Sunspot. This is your target percentage.
  • Below 100%: This is a cold listing. Say it’s depicting 200%, meaning you receive 2X the number of leads necessary.
  • Above 100%: This is a hot listing. Say you are seeing 50%; this means you’re receiving half the number of renter leads required.