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Partnership Announcement: Sunroom and Doorvest

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Sunroom, a leading technology solution provider in the single family rental space, announced a partnership with Doorvest, a full-service real estate investing platform with a mission to advance the path to financial security for all. Sunroom will serve as the end-to-end leasing provider to Doorvest, supporting the company’s national expansion efforts.

“Doorvest’s innovative approach to making real estate investing radically simple and making home ownership more accessible is a great fit for us as we work to simplify the leasing process,” shared Ben Doherty, CEO and co-founder at Sunroom. “Together we will bring leading technology to the real estate space and bring more efficiency to otherwise cumbersome processes.”

Launched in 2020, Doorvest helps everyday investors own high-yield single family investment properties, even if they have no prior experience. Doorvest will do the heavy lifting by purchasing, renovating, sourcing a qualified resident, and managing the property post-closing. With Doorvest’s end-to-end investing solution, investors can move through the homebuying experience seamlessly and begin collecting rental income on day one. The San Francisco-based company is venture backed with over $17.5M in funding and over $70M in asset backed credit facilities for home acquisitions. 

Sunroom’s team and technology will handle the leasing portion of this process and will manage field operations, market the property, work renter leads, screen residents, draft leases and get them signed. Sunroom is focused on bringing self-service leasing to the forefront of the real estate industry. Based in Austin, Texas, Sunroom has raised $15M in funding and recently expanded to cities in Georgia, Arizona, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, and Ohio.