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IMN West Panel Arizona 2022 -- Demographics & Profile of the SFR Renter: What Are The Key Metrics You Are Using?

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Discussion topics:

  • Successful lead generation for the various demographic segmentations?  
  • Given the change in the financial markets, how is that impacting the overall SFR market and who  your renter is? Average income and family size?
  • Where are renters moving to and from?
  • Which amenities and services do different resident consider most valuable?
  • The 55+ demographic vs. millennials…Comparing SFR appetites?
  • There is a clear need for affordable housing: How are you guys looking at this in the future?


Jeremy Edmiston, Cushman & Wakefield (moderator)

Zachary Maurais, Sunroom

Jacque Petroulakis, NexMetro

Sarah Pallatroni, Buildium

Chris Kopacek, Lonestar

Paul Jackson, Residential Capital Partners