Streamline leasing with tech-enabled property setup

Sunroom will set up everything you need, then deliver assets back to you to market your properties.

High quality setup to lease your properties faster

Sunroom's field operations team will:
Save you time from driving and setup
Add quality to your listings
Optimize your portfolio
Increase showings & lease faster
Shorten the time units are vacant
Deliver high resolution photos

Trusted by Top Single-Family Rental Property Managers and REIT's

List properties without ever having to visit the home

Receive all of the assets you need to start advertising the property: 
Professional photos of the interior and exterior
Property marketing descriptions
Lockbox set up
Yard sign installation
We handle both set up’s and take-downs

Know exactly what’s going on

Clearly see when the job will be completed and receive confirmation notifications and photos, so you know the job was done exactly as you expected.

Listings are live in 48 hours on average!

Simple job scheduling

Submit a listing to us in under a minute. We’ll take care of all of the logistics and communications with occupants if the home is not vacant yet.

The key to property access

In the portal you’ll see exactly which locks were installed at the property. You’ll have your codes and access information handy, all in one centralized hub.

A few of the locks we handle include Codeboxes, Supras, Masterbox Code Lock and Self-Showing Locks.

Go live with confidence

We’ll ensure lights are on, make ready has been complete and the home is show-ready. If a home does not match these standards, you’ll be notified that the home is not ready to market, so the issue can be resolved.

While we are at the home we’ll confirm basic amenity data, such as if the home has a fridge, or washer dryer connections.

Our team has you covered. It's a system built for scale.

Our trained photographers and installers give you coverage across multiple states.
Plus we flex to handle your volume, even when you’re growing fast, or you're busy with peak seasonality.

SunSetup™: Areas we serve

Currently Live:
Texas: Austin, Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio
Georgia: Atlanta and Savannah
Oklahoma: Oklahoma City
Arizona: Phoenix
South Carolina: Charleston
Alabama: Mobile, Huntsville
North Carolina: Charlotte, Raleigh/Durham, Piedmont Triad
Ohio: Columbus and Cincinnati
Louisiana: Baton Rouge
Florida: Tampa Bay, Orlando, Jacksonville, Fort Myers
Colorado: Denver, Colorado Springs

Coming Soon:
Tennessee: Nashville, Memphis
Missouri: St. Louis, Kansas City
Kansas: Wichita, Overland Park, Kansas City
Kentucky: Louisville
Mississippi: Jackson, Biloxi
Nevada: Las Vegas
Indiana: Indianapolis
Virginia: Richmond

Fast property setups.

Ready to market in 48 hours on average!

Leading tech makes it easy to deploy Sunroom's field operations team to your properties to set up signs, install lockboxes, and take photos. You'll receive a marketing description and be ready to list without ever needing to visit the property.

Even better, if the property is not ready to list, you'll have an opportunity to address it before the job is completed. You are not hiring random contractors. You are partnering with trained real estate professionals.

Sunroom is the most comprehensive service.

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