"We're now at 1,000 homes, doubling since working with Sunroom."

Jason Huval, Business Co-Owner

Customer Story

1,000 Doors under management
Sunroom partner for 4 years
SFR Focused Property Manager
Based in Austin, TX

Before Sunroom:

How has Stone Oak Grown since partnering with Sunroom?

"When we partnered with Sunroom we were managing 400 doors. We were with you as we acquired a company and also grew our book of business. Today we have 1,000 doors under management.

We knew we wanted to grow our company and that's one of the reasons we decided to partner with Sunroom."
- Jason

Why did you decide to hire Sunroom as your leasing specialist? 

"Property management is relentless, especially as you start growing to more units. There's always something --you know, a proverbial or literal fire.

Even when you hire somebody, you have to train them. Who has time for all of that? There's always something you can be doing as a business owner.

It can be challenging to work ON your business as an operator. You end up just working IN your business if you're not careful..."
- Jason

Was leasing profitable to your company?

"No, leasing is really not profitable after you hire people. It's just a wash.

Honestly it's probably not worth the owner's time either because there are so many other more important things you could be working on, like sales or operations."
- Jason

How did you divide up your responsibilities? 

"We had several employees, some of whom did leasing. I was personally working on sales and business development and our other owner, Manu was working on process and operations.

Over the last few years as we've grown our business we've hired you to handle leasing and moved to a portfolio model, giving us the ability to offer our investors a high level of customer service."
- Jason

What do you think about Sunroom?

What's special about Sunroom's system?

"In property management this is a process for everything. We are very mechanized.

We like that Sunroom is also really good at processes. You have also helped us level up our processes."
- Jason

What do you like best about the way Sunroom operates?

"You've done a really good job of making that handshake clean.

I just tap a button to send the home to market and it's taken care of.

The ease of use is a big deal. Sunroom has made leasing easy and smooth."
- Jason

What do your property owners think about Sunroom?

"Sunroom has been helpful in the sales process. We're able to share a link property owners that contains all of the real time reporting.

We can talk up your system and explain Sunroom helps us lease faster. Property owners like that Sunroom is good for the renters and you have a network of renters to lease our homes."
- Jason

Was there any push back from your employees when Sunroom went live?

"They were happy! Everyone was over doing leasing.

Property managers don't want to sell people all day on homes to rent. They are operations people, they like systems, not constantly having to sell renters into leasing the homes."
- Jason

Can you explain Sunroom to other property managers? 

What's Sunroom in a few words?

"You guys are our leasing department. You're the specialists.
- Jason

What would you tell someone considering Sunroom?

"It's a total no brainer. You have to start looking at things to make your life easier as an owner. Otherwise, you're going to go crazy man."
- Jason

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