"Sunroom allows me to find zen and grow my business."

Roland Charles, Owner of PMI Tampa

Customer Story

52 Homes Under Management
Based in Florida
Property Manager focused on Single family Homes

Wisdom from Roland

Why did you start the company?

"I wrote a book called The Rental Property Investment Zen Master. I think most property owners, when they have their properties either. It's heaven or it's hell, right?

Putting that property, on the market for rent, getting that rent, dealing with the tenants, dealing with the maintenance.

It's about reducing the liability and the stress for the owners, which is one reason why we help our owners."
- Roland

Focusing on growth

"If you're in a growth mode, you need to focus your time, right? If you don't have clients, you don't have a business.

In the property management space, you can expect to lose anywhere from ten to 20% of your portfolio. Every month. So you need to be adding more than that to make sure that you are growing and not continuously losing doors. Marketing and sales is definitely a great place to spend your time.

By not having to focus or worry about the leasing side of things you're able to focus on those other areas that can make sure that your bottom line is healthy and you're able to continue growing your portfolio."
- Roland

"Sunroom is my scalable leasing agent"

How would you describe Sunroom

"No matter how big you grow, someone will be able to assist you with finding tenants.

That's one of the reasons why I partnered with Sunroom -- so that I can continue to scale.

If I brought on 100 doors tomorrow I can work with Sunroom to put a plan together and have them fill those units fast. They are like a scalable leasing agent"
- Roland

How much time is Sunroom saving you?

"A lot of time. Take app processing. If you think of one application: You have to send an email to previous owners and employers. You have to sit down and make phone calls. So I would say at least an hour an application. Depending on how many apps you are getting, that can add up."
- Roland

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