"Sunroom has us covered, even if we're acquiring 50+ properties."

Jacqueline Grover, Operations

Customer Story

Green Residential is an emerging REIT that has made significant strides in the Texas and Oklahoma real estate markets. The company boasts a highly experienced team, including a seasoned Blackstone operator and an accomplished large-scale property management owner.
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Single Family Homes
A and B
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Before Sunroom:

What was your day to day like?

"As we've grown in the last year, so we might have over 20 homes in a month going live.

Reviewing, approving applications, and writing the leases, is a full-time job in itself.

I think most of the challenges were really coming from part of the screening process, making sure that all of the applicants are thoroughly vetted."
- Jacqueline

Was there room for improvement?

"I'm sure we could have been following up with renter leads more, calling, email them."
- Jacqueline

Going live with Sunroom

How'd it feel to start using Sunroom?

"I''m a very kind of 'type A', controlling person. If someone is trying to get help me, do something I typically quickly say ,"never mind, I'll do it myself."

But, I learned really quickly I could let go and let Sunroom handle EVERYTHING!

It has freed up so much of my time. I've been able to focus better on other areas of our business."
- Jacqueline

How easy was it to implement?

"Super easy to implement, not too long to get set up at all. It was really nice. It took maybe less than a week.

Now, it's awesome that, you know, we can just go in or I can have my assistant, go in, put in the property, and then that's it."
- Jacqueline

Please explain Sunroom to other property managers.

How would you describe Sunroom?

" It's this amazing third party that comes in and they take over and handle all of the listing and leasing aspects for you.

Sunroom let's us to put the home out there, then you do screening and everything for us including preparing the lease.

it's just an awesome service that helps you find tenants that are qualified!"
- Jacqueline

What do you love most?

"We click the send button and it's in your hands. All we do is just sign off on the lease, make sure that it looks good and then you guys take it from there and it's so nice!

Having you guys collect both the rent, the deposit, our admin fees, all of that stuff is one of my favorite things because I don't have to go and hunt these renters down for everything we need to collect at move-in. It's a super super amazing feature that I love!"
- Jacqueline

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