"We met with a profit coach recently and they couldn't believe the positive impact Sunroom has had on my business."

Katy Scruton-Roden, Owner

Customer Story

San Marcos
SFR Homes

Before Sunroom:

You started working with Sunroom 2 years ago. Why?

"I was about to have a baby and I my previous property manager had just left. I was debating hiring a new person whiling jumping into the role of full-time mom."
- Katy

Tell us more about why you started using Sunroom.

"When you have a home for lease you get hundreds of calls. leasing was honestly our biggest challenge and it was just crazy off phone was just ringing non-stop.

I knew that I didn't want to burn out my new property manager, and I also wanted to be able to take a break.

That was a big reason, but also obviously wanting to grow the company."
- Katy

What were your fears about going live with Sunroom?

What was on your mind?

"I think like most property managers. I have a very hard time delegating. I just didn't want to let go of the control and honestly, I didn't think that anybody could screen as well as I could. I'd say I had a hard time letting go. I was also not sure about self-showings, but Sunroom told me the benefits and I decided to try it. It's really been a game changer."
- Katy

How easy was it to implement?

"In fact, I remember our first home was kind of scary because submitted the home on Sunroom. I'm like, is that it... Is that all I have to do? It felt too easy."
- Katy

What's been the impact on profits?

What was the financial impact?

"Honestly the growth has been incredible. Plus we're more profitable. Our personal income has grown substantially."
- Katy

Can you share more?

"We saw a profit coach recently and he honestly couldn't believe our numbers.

He asked well, what do you attribute it to?

Truly it's been Sunroom!"
- Katy

What's would you tell another property manager considering Sunroom? 

Thoughts on trying Sunroom

"I just think you should give it a shot. It feels really nice to let go and delegate and work on more impactful areas of my business."
- Katy

Anything else?

"Honestly, I might have quit property management if it wasn't for Sunroom. We're doing incredibly well and I can confidentially say implementing Sunroom changed our business!"
- Katy

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