Effortlessly Managing a Portfolio of 825 Homes with Sunroom

Leasing homes at scale for a top-rated property manager.

Stone Oak Property Management overview

Stone Oak is a leading property management company in the greater Austin area. Founded by landlords for landlords, the company places a high priority on delivering exceptional service and maintaining a strong online reputation.

Stone Oak's approach to property management is characterized by transparency, communication, and responsiveness, ensuring that clients are kept informed and their concerns are addressed in a timely manner.

Stone Oak has built a reputation as one of the most trustworthy and reliable property managers in the Austin area. Overall, the company's deep expertise and commitment to excellence position it for continued success in the competitive property management market.
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4.3 star
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What did Stone Oak hope to achieve by partnering with Sunroom?


Jason and Manu, the operators of Stone Oak, had grown their property management company to 500 homes. They are growth-minded and were looking to continue expanding their portfolio. However, they recognized that leasing is a challenging and time-consuming aspect of property management. To focus on building relationships with their clients and growing their business, they needed to delegate the leasing function to someone else.


Free up their time and effort to concentrate on other critical areas of the business. By outsourcing leasing, they can optimize their operations, identify new properties to add to their portfolio, and ensure the smooth running of their property management operations. Outsourcing leasing will allow Jason, Manu, and team to focus on high-value activities that will contribute to the continued growth and success of their business.

How did Stone Oak benefit from Sunroom's leasing services?


In October of 2019, Sunroom was implemented across Stone Oak's entire portfolio. Stone Oak continued performing everyday property management responsibilities, but Sunroom took over 100% of the leasing operations (vacancy through a signed lease). 

Jason & Manu used the Sunroom partner portal to get a bird's eye view of their entire portfolio's leasing performance and share that report directly with their property owner clients. The owners appreciated the level of visibility and clarity of the metrics. Additionally, Stone Oak implemented Sunroom’s move-in tracker and noticed a significant improvement in renter's attitudes, reducing the volume of maintenance & support requests that are so common right after moving in. 
  • Birds eye view of their entire portfolio.
  • Entire back-office leasing team, working 7 days a week.
  • Replaced expensive labor with scalable systems.
  • Leasing technology – white labeled for their brand.
  • Sharable property owner reports.
  • Improved renter experience – move in tracker.
  • Branded iFrame for their PM website.

“We're impressed with Sunroom's ability to lease properties. They have built modern software that the property management industry desperately needs. We couldn't be happier with the results they've achieved for us!”
- Jason Huval,

Results by the numbers

Door Growth
4 years
Long Term Partnership
67 NPS
Net Promoter Score

How tech handles 800+ doors getting leased

PM portal on Sunroom shows active listings with clear indication of which ones have applications and which ones need the PM's attention.
Upcoming move-ins are tracked in real-time so no matter how fast Sunroom leases, the PM team can see which homes need a make-ready.

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