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Flock Homes overview

Flock Homes allows individuals to own rental homes through a diversified portfolio of shares. 

Flock is a company that is at the forefront of the property management industry, using data analysis, automation, and technology to drive Asset Management decisions and improve performance. By leveraging these tools and principles, Flock is able to deliver a high level of transparency, accuracy, and efficiency that is unmatched by traditional Asset Managers. 

Flock is on a mission to deliver financial freedom to owners, better living experiences for residents, and durable value to the community.
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What did Flock Homes hope to achieve by partnering with Sunroom?


Flock is a data-driven company that values the power of automation and technology. They believe that leasing decisions should be made based on real-time data and activity, which can be analyzed and processed quickly and efficiently using advanced technology tools. By doing so, they would be able to make faster, more accurate decisions that are rooted in objective data, rather than subjective opinions or anecdotal evidence.

However, Flock also recognizes that not all vendors share this point of view or have the technology ready to implement. As a result, they have had to be flexible in their approach, and have had to work with vendors who may not have the same level of technological sophistication or data-driven mindset. They had a hard time finding a property manager who was also data-driven.


Leverage data and technology to drive leasing decisions and improve performance. The company aims to make faster, more accurate decisions by relying on real-time data and advanced technology tools, rather than subjective opinions. Additionally, Flock seeks to provide a high level of transparency and accuracy in its services, which is not always present in traditional property management companies.

How did Flock Homes benefit from Sunroom's data-driven leasing?


Sunroom gave visibility into every aspect of leasing from set up through lease sign, inside of a portal with custom charts and dashboards.
  • Reliable data on the leasing funnel with leads, tours, applications to make better leasing decisions.
  • Brokerage expansion into more states.
  • Custom charts and dashboards.
  • API integrations will begin 2023. 

"We've been using Sunroom in all our markets where Sunroom operates and will continue to do so as we grow."
- Peter Yoder,
Investments and Operations

Results by the numbers

Data Points to Measure Leasing Performance
4 States
Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, Texas
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How Sunroom enabled
data-driven leasing

Real-time stats and proof that we do the job right every time. Trust but verify.
Automated leasing capabilities using Sunroom's public API.

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