Doubling Portfolio Size While Maintaining Profits with Sunroom

How 3Z Property Management Scaled Up Portfolio with Sunroom Leasing Operations.

3Z Property Management overview

3Z is a central Texas focused property management company based in San Marcos. They provide real estate investing services for clients. Additionally, 3Z makes positive impacts on their communities by raising money for research and charities. The property management company owners are growth-minded, looking for creative ways to grow their footprint, in a cost effective way.
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What did 3Z hope to achieve by partnering with Sunroom?


They tried working with leasing agents in the past with no success. To market, follow-up on, and lease properties in their portfolio, 3Z was piecing together different tools and staffing solutions. Each new listing brought on more chaos. They tried to answer as many calls as possible using FiveStreet with Google Sheets to track leads, but they still didn't have enough manpower to work them effectively. 

Like many other property management companies operating on tight margins, 3Z didn’t have room for additional people or expensive tooling. 3Z searched for a better way to lease their properties. They needed to replace the incomplete tools they were using and remove operational burden from their team.


3Z's goal was to double their portfolio by the end of 2022, but leasing operations was a major bottleneck. 3Z's property manager was spread thin with her day-to-day work outside of leasing, including rent collection, handling tenant and client communication, evictions, and maintenance. 

How did 3Z benefit from Sunroom's full service leasing technology?


Sunroom was able to augment 3Z’s small team by completely taking over their property marketing and leasing. Now 3Z didn’t have to worry if someone was out sick or they fell behind in the busy summer months. They had another team standing behind them, as well as a comprehensive leasing platform that sent them real-time status updates and communication.
  • A comprehensive leasing solution backed by a competent team and tech platform
  • Ramp up or down seamlessly based on seasonality Leasing operations now a point of strength and competitive advantage
  • Trustworthy partners who are quick, efficient, and precise
  • Quick, efficient, and precise operations
  • System that scales with growth

“Our company has been using Sunroom for over a year now. I was hesitant at first because I'm bad at outsourcing, and the leasing fee was a huge profit center for us, but leasing was also our biggest headache. Hiring Sunroom saved me from hiring more employees, and within one year, it freed up so much of my PM and my time that we were able to literally over double the properties we manage. They handle every aspect of the leasing side, and their team has a lot of experience with management and leasing.

Our partnership with Sunroom was one of the best decisions I ever made.”
- Katy Roden,
Owner & Broker

Results by the numbers

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How tech streamlined leasing

Renter facing: Real-time application tracker for groups of applicants applying together. Increases time to completed applications and minimizes support calls.
Enabled self-touring with secure identification verifications and 70%+ tour feedback for faster property fix-ups and more targeted lead follow ups.

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