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HomeRiver Group overview

HomeRiver is one of the largest property managers in the country and serves both institutional and retail investors. HomeRiver handles acquisition, construction, renovation, leasing, maintenance and dispositions. With its end-to-end approach, commitment to quality and efficiency, and its use of cutting-edge technology, HomeRiver is well positioned to continue to lead the way in the property management industry for years to come.
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What did HomeRiver hope to achieve by partnering with Sunroom?


HomeRiver relies on local realtors to set up properties, taking photos, collecting data, enabling self-tours, creating condition reports, pricing reports, and writing marketing descriptions. This approach leverages the realtors' knowledge of the local real estate market, ensuring that properties are marketed effectively and priced appropriately.

However, in its fastest growing markets, HomeRiver has faced challenges keeping up with the number of homes that need to go live in any given month. This has required significant management resources to ensure that its network of realtors is consistently meeting its high standards.


HomeRiver desires streamlining its operations and improving its realtor network. Open to investing in technology tools that help to automate and streamline the property setup process. Overcome property setup challenges and continue to grow its business in a sustainable and profitable way.

How did HomeRiver benefit from Sunroom's property setup operations?


To address these challenges, HomeRiver has invested in Sunroom’s technology tools which have created a more scalable system for setting up properties quickly. The system showed transparency into the setup process and held setups to a high service level agreement standard.
  • Real time property set up monitors
  • Pricing analysis: CMA rental reports 
  • Custom property condition reports 
  • Installing self-touring hardware
  • Renter tour feedback callouts
  • Professional photography 
  • Weekly leasing consultancy services 

“Everyone at Sunroom has been quick and responsive, knowledgeable about the particular market they’re working on, and very tech-forward. It has been a very unexpected and pleasant surprise since our professional relationship began. I’ve seen an improvement in our market activity. Their team asks great questions that show they understand the subject and have great insight and feedback.”
- Ruthanne Hoodwin,
Regional Leasing Manager

Results by the numbers

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How Tech Improved Setups

Real-time property setup tracker for total transparency and accountability.
Property Condition Reports help investors understand how renters view their property. Easily improve the tour experience and get it leased faster.

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-Pritom Rani, VP Sales, Cobalt