Doorvest increased portfolio value by $993k with eviction protection from Sunroom

An emerging REIT implemented Sunroom’s fraud-proof system to reduce application fraud.

Doorvest overview

Doorvest is a full-service real estate investing platform that helps busy working professionals own passive income rental homes. Doorvest acquires and manages hundreds of properties across the Sun Belt states.
Single-Family Homes
Capital Raised
B and C
Asset Class

What did Doorvest hope to achieve by partnering with Sunroom?


Doorvest focuses on value add class B and C properties. They primarily purchase properties in emerging markets, that tend to attract lower-income renters and renters with credit history issues. It can be tempting to reduce the bar for qualified renters to reduce the days a property sits on the market, but this can be risky, resulting in evictions or renters who skip on paying rent.


Doorvest recognized they needed a comprehensive screening system that focuses on both thoroughness of the renter’s application and also the speed to completion.

How did Doorvest benefit from Sunroom's fraud protection technology?


  • Identity verification through facal scanning and government ID checks.
  • Verification of employment directly from the applicant’s payroll software.
  • Renter group pre-qualification flow reduced amount of unqualified applications.
  • Bi-lingual renter support and application. processing team working 84hrs/week.
  • Eviction guarantee program for qualified renters.

“Sunroom’s industry insight and data analysis skills are truly impressive! The way they are able to analyze complex data sets and extract valuable insights is remarkable. For instance, Sunroom could analyze the correlation between the number of days a rental property stays on the market and the number of leasing leads generated. This type of analysis, combined with benchmark metrics in the zip code, could be incredibly valuable for landlords and property managers, who could use the insights gained to make informed decisions about pricing, marketing, and other factors that impact the success of their rental properties.

By providing this type of industry insight and data analysis, Sunroom is helping to drive better decision-making and improve outcomes for those in the real estate industry.”
- Cassandra Doeng,
VP of Capital Markets

Results by the numbers

Annual Savings
Est. NOI Increase
Increase in Portfolio Valuation
Reduction in Evictions
Applicants Processed
Renters Pre-Qualified

How tech reduced evictions

ID and Face scanning for real identifications that match their credit/background report.
Payroll and banking APIs to mitigate fraud and screen tenants faster.

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