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Realty Austin Realtor Amy Bernhard Trusts Sunroom as Long-Term Leasing Partner

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March 23, 2022

Company Background: Amy Bernhard & Realty Austin

Amy has 18+ years of experience in sales, marketing and project management in the real estate industry. Amy is a true standout and leader of the Austin real estate community. She has been recognized by many prestigious awards, especially recently, including the Platinum Top 500 REALTORS® and the Realty Austin Diamond Club $10M+ Top Producer in 2021.

“As a Realtor, I always want to be confident that my clients are well taken care of. I was so impressed by Sunroom’s customer service after our first few leases together. Their team has a way of treating customers right - they have been very responsive and customer-focused.”

Goal: Assisting Investor Clients With Leasing Even Though She’s Busy

As one of Austin’s top Realtors, Amy always has a constant stream of home sales she’s working on closing. She’s focused on sales, and has a deep commitment to her clients and providing them with the best service possible. When investor clients ask for help to lease out their homes, Amy simply doesn’t have enough time to do it herself.

Initially, Amy would look to partner with other agents who were just getting started and had the bandwidth to work the leases. It worked for a time, but after a while, those agents would start growing their own sales businesses and be unavailable to help. This pattern proved to be unreliable and always left Amy looking for another partner.

How Was Amy Solving the Problem Before Sunroom?

Amy estimates that it takes a few days to get a property listed. Then she had to carve out time for showings and sending updates to her clients. Once they found a tenant, she had to put the lease together and negotiate the terms. All in all, leasing just one property can take a week of admin work plus the time it takes to show the property.

For compensation equal to the first month’s rent (or sometimes less), it’s hard for top Realtors to justify the amount of time they spend to make the lease happen.

Amy needed a reliable partner who would always be available to help her investor clients with their leases. She got a call from Sunroom, with just the service she was looking for: reliable and consistent leasing assistance through a long-term partnership. And since Sunroom is a leasing-only brokerage, Amy could be confident that they weren’t ever going to try to take business away.

Outcome: Finding a Reliable, Customer-First Leasing Partner

At the time Amy heard about Sunroom, she actually had 3 lease listings on her plate that had all popped up at the same time. Working on one lease is demanding, but having three threatens to take up an entire week or more.

“The leasing process is just a mess,” said Amy. “It’s very difficult for renters to find properties and for landlords to market their properties at the local level.” And that’s not even factoring in the expectation of the real estate agent to connect them…

Amy took the leap and gave all three leases to Sunroom, even though they’d already been on the market. Sunroom distributed the three property listings to 40+ syndicated sites including Zillow,, and many more. In total, Sunroom drove 369 online views of interest and 22 pre-qualified leads to Amy’s three properties. All three properties were leased out in under a month, and the average was 13 days.

Today, leasing isn’t a major hurdle or time suck for Amy, thanks to her reliable and long-term partnership with Sunroom. Not only does Sunroom help Amy focus her time and attention to sales, but she can also count on Sunroom taking care of her customers the way she would herself.

“I like to keep my focus on sales, but if one of my buyers wants my help leasing out an investment property, I can’t leave them out to dry. Sunroom is a reliable partner that helps streamline the leasing process and finds tenants quickly. Unlike working with another agent, their team is always available and won’t compete with me for my clients’ future sales opportunities.” - Bernhard

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