About Sunroom

Sunroom helps busy agents get properties leased and impress their clients.

Sunroom is bringing efficiency and transparency to the leasing process by pairing proprietary technology with top agents.
Founders Ben Doherty and Zac Maurais have felt the pain of leasing firsthand, and they knew that it could, and needed, to be better. With Sunroom, renters are able to tour, apply, and sign all through their phone, and agents are able to lease multiple properties without the time and energy previously needed. As a leasing-only brokerage with a team of talented engineers, real estate professionals, and entrepreneurs, Sunroom is the future of leasing.

Our Vision

Our Mission

Empower agents, renters, owners. Bring transparency to the process.

Who we Serve

Real estate agents, property managers, REITs and brokers.

Leasing Brokerage

We only do leasing. Our focus makes us the best at what we do.

Leading the Company

Ben Doherty, CEO, is a self-taught software engineer (from developing Favor), and has a degree in civil engineering from California Polytechnic State University, where he found his passion for entrepreneurship. On the side, Ben is an angel investor and cryptocurrency enthusiast. On the weekends, you’ll find Ben wake-surfing on Lake Travis and hanging out with his wife Samantha and cat BrayBray.
Zac Maurais, President, received his degree from Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina. On top of being the founder of two successful start-ups, he doubles as a real estate investor and angel investor. When the working hours are over, Zac spends his time cruising around ATX on his e-bike, and most importantly, spending time with his wife Kelly and baby Meyer.
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