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Partner Agent Spotlight

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March 23, 2022

Saiful Islam, Ph. D.

Realtor at TX Ally Real Estate

Saiful originally hailed from Bangladesh and finished his master’s and Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

He has been living in Austin area for the last 33 years and has seen tremendous growth in the greater Austin area. Although being a Computer Engineer in profession and holding respectable positions at AMD and at IBM, Saiful’s passion for real estate always kept him involved in real estate activities even before he earned his professional real estate license in 2014.

Since he started his real estate career, he has engaged in real estate transactions of well above $2M each year. This year (2021) he already has transactions over $10M. He is the smart realtor in your neighborhood.

Why’d you get started in the real estate industry?

Real estate industry always fascinates me. I started with a few residential investment properties and then soon engaged myself as a licensed real estate agent and started helping my friends, families and acquaintances for all of their real estate needs.

What’s some advice you’d offer agents aiming to become a top performer, like yourself?

  1. Put your clients’ needs above everything.
  2. Work with sincerity and full transparency.

In a competitive market, what skills should the best realtors have?  

Keep learning about your neighborhood, city and the real estate industry. Knowledge is the most important skill that a realtor should have in this competitive market. By keeping myself educated and being truthful and sincere with my clients, I stand out from the competition!

Why did you partner with Sunroom for leasing?

Leasing takes a lot of realtor’s time, but the return doesn’t justify the amount of time spent for the full process. That said, leasing is a service that I like to offer to my clients.

Sunroom Rentals provided just what I needed to get a leasing process done without much of my time. In the process, I keep a small amount of commission and keep my clients satisfied.

What do you like best about Sunroom?

The partnership with Sunroom is going very well for me. I am definitely spending much less time on leasing. Plus, I’m still able to communicate with my clients and keep them satisfied. Sunroom Rentals is leasing my client’s homes very fast. Now the leasing processes has become more efficient for me.

Why do clients choose to work with you as their realtor? Do you have any direct quotes you wouldn’t mind sharing?

Yes, of course!

“Saiful is always accessible, reachable and prompt to reply to our request at any time. He is extremely honest, professional, hands-on and excellent realtor”

“From beginning to end, he was willing to step in to guide us through the entire process.”

“He truly is a realtor with enormous experience and knowledge along with a very friendly ask me anything attitude that welcomes any odd/weird question you may have as a buyer. End of the day, the satisfaction lies not only in whether you purchase the home at a good price but also your overall experience.”

-Happy Clients