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New Features Launched for Partners

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March 23, 2022


My name is Darius Salehipour, and I lead Product at Sunroom. Thank you to everyone who’s given feedback. I wanted to share some of the amazing product updates we’ve made over the past 2 months. You asked for it, we did it!

Lease on the go with the new app!

Download the Sunroom app for Realtors on iPhone or Android.

We released the partner portal that you’re used to using, now for iPhone and Android.

  • Get real-time push notifications
  • Follow property setups
  • View tour feedback
  • Review apps on the go
  • Answer client questions in the moment

Get notified at each step of your property setup.

Now you’ll receive emails and texts when we go to the property, complete photography, and get the listing live. You’ll receive photos depicting the work we did, and instructions on how to access the property.

Keep your clients up-to-date.

Now your clients will get emails at every step of the leasing process. You can control if you want that enabled for your client or not (when you first submit the listing).

Advertise your price reductions to thousands of renters!

If you reduce the rental price, Sunroom will alert thousands of renters of the new deal! Renters will receive an email, push notification, and text message urging them to view and tour your property.

All property access codes in one place

Now on your portal, you can easily find the access codes to the Sunlock and combo lockbox we installed. See photos so you can see exactly where any of the code boxes are located and what it looks like.

Make your listing look great on the MLS

We’ve updated our process for publishing listings to the MLS, and added a process for your account manager to review the listing before it goes live. We’ve always been reviewing data about your property and previous MLS listings, but now we have a formal process in place to extract the info and make your place look as great as it can.

More tour feedback from renters

We understand how important this feedback is to give to your clients. After making it easier for renters to leave feedback, we’ve increased tour feedback responses by 200%.

Receive weekly updates

No time to use the Sunroom app every day? No worries, because we now send you a weekly stats report on all of your Active listings.

  • Views
  • Leads
  • Tours
  • Tour Feedback
  • Rental Comps

In Closing

All of these features were built to help make leasing with Sunroom easier for our partners. We always appreciate your comments and feedback!

Darius Salehipour, Head of Product